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While doing laundry just now, my dad walks in from his bike ride.  And this is the conversation that ensued… “Hey pops what’s up?”

"Hi chamaco how are you?"


"Doing laundry?"

"Yup"-then out of nowhere this happens…

"Mira chamaco, let me give you some advice on how to have a lot of girlfriends."


"You have to wear your pants like this. (he then sags his old dad wrangler jeans so that his tighty whitey BVD’s show) And walk like this (starts to strut).

"…"  speechless then non stop laughter. "thanks pops!"


Dulce Pinzon-

Everyday heroes, mexican immigrants in New York doing everyday activities. Dulce Pinzon intends to show them as Superheroes.



(Source: feeling-art)